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Our mission

To provide youth with free and accessible resources to explore professional careers related to business.

About Us

Illuminate Business is a youth led organization dedicated to helping students learn the fundamentals of business and explore different business careers and industries. Many face confusion when selecting a career path because they lack hands on exploration with different fields and industries. While some may know that they are interested in the business realm, they are often overwhelmed by the vast range of business related careers.

Through our program, we help students discover their interests and passions and uncover potential career options. Our resources raise awareness on the various subsidies in the business world and help students develop relevant skill sets.

Our Staff

Ria Patel

Founder of Illuminate Business


Illuminate Business was founded by Ria, a current high school senior based in the Chicagoland area. She started Illuminate Business to address the lack of resources offered to students when exploring different career paths within business. Ria and her leadership team together expanded Illuminate Business to help students around the world explore business, finance, economics, and the professional world. 

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